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Troubleshoot Tracking

This article is focused on troubleshooting tracking itself, not troubleshooting any issues with the collected data. You can read this article to see if this might help

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What is Turbo Mode?

Burst is automatically configured to receive the most accurate data by adding the script to your header asynchronously, so although it is loaded early, it

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What is Cookieless tracking?

In this article, we will have a closer look at cookieless and server-side tracking and how this affects your website’s configuration regarding privacy laws. The

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What are Referrers?

Referrers are websites that send visitors to another domain with external hyperlinks. In the case of referrers for your domain, these are websites that were

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What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an engagement measure and is virtually the same for both Matomo and Google Analytics. Both however deal with different event variables on-page.

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