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Get started with Burst Statistics. Native to WordPress, and therefore no sharing of data, local hosted results, and full compatibility. Get the most out of your website now!


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Experience the unique advantages of Native WordPress Analytics with Burst Statistics. 

Privacy-Friendly Insights

All of your data will be anonymized and stored locally, making this a GDPR friendly solution.

Simple to Set-Up

No more difficult jargon and endless settings. A simple, but powerful statistics tool for WordPress
A clear, and easy dashboard for your most important metrics.

From Complianz

With years of experience in Privacy for WordPress and a combined total with Really Simple Plugins of 5 million users is Complianz with Burst Statistics your trusted partner for privacy-friendly statistics for WordPress.

New: Goals

Our latest feature; Goaaals!

Keep track of the most important events on your website. You can track almost anything with the right combinations of triggers.

Help us build Burst Statistics and leave your favourite feature requests. What’s missing? Let us know!


Another year of greatness!
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Happy New Year! This plugin is wonderful. With its helpful information and ease of setup, its simple and minimalist style is just perfect for us to use! Thank you, Developer, for offering this great plugin to us.
@ masvil
@ masvil
That’s the way to collect stats
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After one month of usage, I can say this is the best way to collect stats on WP without sharing data with 3rd party, and without being affected by ad blockers. I also tried Statify, Koko and others: for me Burst is by far the best in terms of performance, reliability, and reporting. Dev, you’re doing a great job!
@ louischan
@ louischan
Great lightweight and easy analytics plugin
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I’m glad I discovered this plugin, it’s efficient, fast and offers nice analytics with a cookie free and anonymous mode to be RGPD compliant and be used without bothering the visitors with a cookie banner. Great tool for small/medium websites where you don’t need super advanced analytics features !

Documentation & Support

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Did you know?

Cookieless tracking is a step backward for privacy.

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