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track woocommerce transactions

To rival GA it would be great to track conversions such as purchases directly instead of through page views. It would also be great to be able to populate the value of a conversion. Preferably dynamically.

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Traffic measurement on a domain where the plugin is not installed

I want to have Burst Statistics plugin installed on subdomain “m.domain.com” on separate web hosting and measure traffic for main domain “domain.com”. I want to keep the database size of web on “domain.com” as small as possible and with minimum number of plugins. This is the only main feature, which is missing for this plugin. […]

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Track outgoing links

Keep track of outgoing links and display these in the dashboard.

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Track specific type of pages in goals

Currently, there's the choice to either track goals on all the pages of a website or a single page. For many goals it would be much more useful to be able to choose to track a specific type of page (for example all blog posts or all Woocommerce product pages) as the element being tracked […]

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Overview of click statistics for Outbound Links

It would be useful to have an overview of the click statistics for each of the outbound links on a page, to easily track the amount of clicks on each outbound link. In the current plugin version, one would have to create individual goals for each of those links.

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Popular Posts Block

A populair post block with options like: – Plain list, list with image – filter on post type, taxonomy – number of posts – Time Range …or maybe a block variation of the query loop?

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Filter by part of the URL

Filter not the full URL, but part of it. Like ‘/page/*’. That should show all data for everything that starts with page.

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This feature will enable users to track and visualize the customer journey on their website, from the initial visit to the final conversion point (e.g., purchase, form submission, etc.). Key Components: Multi-Step Tracking: Allow users to define multiple stages of the customer journey and track user progress through these stages. Drop-Off Analysis: Show where potential […]

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Show weekends in Burst statistics graphs

In the Statistics tab of the Burst Statistics plugin, the Insights plot shows unique visitors, page views, etc. with days along the horizontal axis. It would be helpful if weekends were more obvious, since traffic is often quite different on weekdays versus weekends. Seeing a dip on a weekend, for example, might be typical, but […]

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Having a short code to display stats in WP

Being able to use a short code in a page, a button, an article… in WP to display statistics.   Original post  Title: Avoir un code court paur afficher les stats dans WP Content: Pouvoir utiliser un code court dans une page, un bouton un article … de WP afin d’afficher les statistiques.

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Block bots from count

Either clearly mark bot traffic or block it from count. I haven’t activated yet as I can’t see any reference to bot traffic in your descriptions

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Bouncerate Adjustment

Hi, I noticed that when the bouncerate decreases, the percentage is colored Red. Obviously a lower bouncerate is better so in this case it should be colored Green instead to my opinion.

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4 votes

Export Reports

It is really important for us if there is a possibility to export all te reports so we can analyze the data more easy.

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3 votes

Keep track of events

Keep track of events happening on the site, for example clicking a button or playing a video file, or making a purchase.

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Better mouse interaction with charts

Hi there ???? Great plugin! When hovering over the charts, you have to place your mouse pointer exactly on the points to see the tooltip with numbers. I know that many chart libraries allow the mouse to be anywhere on the x-axis to show the y-axis values for easy comparison across the axis. Would this […]

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Memorize the daterange or set a default

When you go back to the statistics tab, you always get the statistics of the week. Default setting. Couldn’t we memorize our choice if we prefer to see the statistics of the day, the month or the year or others without having each time to go to make the choice in the drop-down list? props: […]

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