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1 vote

Export Reports

It is really important for us if there is a possibility to export all te reports so we can analyze the data more easy.

Under Review Category: Metrics 0 comments
1 vote

UTM parameters

I wanted to see if there's a way to track UTMs on a campaign and if not, if it can be built into the software! This would be next level!

Under Review Category: Metrics 0 comments
1 vote

1.3 Option to show all most visited pages

Currently I can only see the 200 most visited pages in a give timeframe. I can see the total views for a single page in the field “burst_total_pageviews_count” but I cant from that see when the page was viewed. I would like to see all pages visited in a given timeframe and not just the […]

Released Category: Metrics 4 comments
1 vote

Track goals when object is in viewport

On my website, I sell advertising spaces invoiced by CPM, is it possible to measure the number of monthly display of each banner?

In development Category: Metrics 3 comments
1 vote

Statistics from Mobile App

Add the Statistics from the Mobile App among the Devices, for example: UWP, Android and iOS …

Under Review Category: Metrics 5 comments
5 votes

Stats per user

Would it be possible to drill down to see what pages a certain customer had visited before purchase? It would be nice to add it to admin order page.

Under Review Category: Metrics 2 comments
5 votes

Add stats per role

We would like to see statistics per role – what pages visited the existing customers.

Approved Category: Metrics 2 comments
8 votes

1.3.0 Today statistics

I realized that I wait until midnight to see the chart for today. I am aware of the reason why you do not include today’s statistics in a chart but maybe you can consider show it as hourly stats.

Released Category: Metrics 4 comments
2 votes

1.3.* Count Downloads please!

I run a site which offers free downloads under licence. To ensure I do not breach the terms of the licence, I would like to be able to count the number of downloads.

Planned Category: Metrics 1 comment
6 votes

Anonymized Tracking Options

A way of anonymously tracking user hits on specific pages from specific referrers, and an ability to drill down regarding the behaviour of those visitors after they landed on the page. This would give us the ability to better dial-in ad campaigns that we may run on specific platforms (ie Facebook, Twitter) but without violating […]

Approved Category: Metrics 1 comment