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Memorize the daterange or set a default

When you go back to the statistics tab, you always get the statistics of the week. Default setting. Couldn’t we memorize our choice if we prefer to see the statistics of the day, the month or the year or others without having each time to go to make the choice in the drop-down list? props: […]

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1.3.* dnt - false / true

Hi, is there the possibility for a setting of the dnt (true / false)? I would like to be able to offer it. Thanks a lot. Best regards Jack

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1.3 Remove mu-plugins code

Having to install code into mu-plugins folder makes the use of this plugin more complicated and not it is definitely not simpler. I suggest you add all this features to main code and if you feel you need to keep the plugin simple just create an advanced tab.

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Pro: Filter Page Views / Visitors by Country

It would be nice to be able to filter the page views and visitors for each article by the country they came from. This is something important for German speaking regions because Austria, Germany and Switzerland have different words for the same thing and if an URL contains expressions that are relevant for two countries […]

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