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Show weekends in Burst statistics graphs

In the Statistics tab of the Burst Statistics plugin, the Insights plot shows unique visitors, page views, etc. with days along the horizontal axis. It would be helpful if weekends were more obvious, since traffic is often quite different on weekdays versus weekends. Seeing a dip on a weekend, for example, might be typical, but if a dip occurs on a week day, that might indicate a problem. Having the weekends visible somehow would make it immediately obvious when unexpected patterns occurred. This would be especially helpful when viewing periods of 30 days or longer.

For comparison, when the Jetpack plugin shows its stats, it puts slightly shaded bars on the background for Saturdays and Sundays. This works very well for allowing the user to line up the data with days of the week, without distracting the user. Something similar for the Burst stats plots would be very welcome.

Props: @audiofanatic

Planned Category: Metrics Hessel de Jong shared this idea

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