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Anonymized Tracking Options

A way of anonymously tracking user hits on specific pages from specific referrers, and an ability to drill down regarding the behaviour of those visitors after they landed on the page. This would give us the ability to better dial-in ad campaigns that we may run on specific platforms (ie Facebook, Twitter) but without violating privacy laws and rules.

In other words, if we’re running an ad campaign on FB and are driving traffic to a specific landing page with some hoped for results, knowing the percentage of those visitors who landed on that landing page and who followed through with our CTA would be very helpful and would not require them giving up any personal information.

The session cookie with the ID required to track where they go on the site can be expired shortly after they leave the site and the ID can be anonymized as well so it cannot be used to identify anyone in particular or track them beyond our own website.

This would help provide some anonymized additional performance metrics in the post GDPR environment we are faced with to help us better refine any ad campaigns or organic traffic-driving activities on specific platforms that we may engineer.

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion SimeonN! We will discuss this with our team.

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One Response

  1. Thank you for your suggestion SimeonN! We will discuss this with our team.