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Pro: Filter out vistors from specific countries

The challenge with the current dashboard is that it shows for example 100 page views to page1.php. However in my case my website is national, if traffic is coming from Russia or China it is probably bots or redundant traffic not valuable to me. Somehow it would be nice to see from where the traffic […]

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3 votes

Centralized version to monitor multiple websites

I manage a number of websites. I would like to see the benefits of Burst statistics in a more centralized (maybe a stand alone version) manner where I can monitor all of the sites from one location, instead of having to switch to each individual website.

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1 vote

1.3.* dnt - false / true

Hi, is there the possibility for a setting of the dnt (true / false)? I would like to be able to offer it. Thanks a lot. Best regards Jack

Released Category: Setting 2 comments
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1.3 Option to show all most visited pages

Currently I can only see the 200 most visited pages in a give timeframe. I can see the total views for a single page in the field “burst_total_pageviews_count” but I cant from that see when the page was viewed. I would like to see all pages visited in a given timeframe and not just the […]

Released Category: Metrics 4 comments
5 votes

Graphic in dashboard

Suggestion: I like the graphical representation of the results. A few suggestions: Can it be presented in dashboard when opened? Can the vertical axis have a smaller distribution instead of the current 20 – 40 – 60 …

Category: Integration 1 comment
7 votes

List clicked external links

I would like to see which external links the visiters click and how many times. Jetpack has this feature where I can see the number of times the links are clicked. I cant see however on what page the visitor clicked on the link. I need this information to track where and how often visitors […]

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2 votes

1.3 React Dashboard

We will be changing the underlying technique for our dasboard and the statistics page to React and scss. One of the main reasons is because WordPress is using react more and more. Mostly because of Gutenberg. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. Another reason we will be doing this is because […]

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4 votes

1.2 [Page Speed] JS scripts loaded in Footer

Hello everyone, I would like to propose an idea to speed up the loading of pages with JS Script inside. Move all the JS Scripts into the Footer, recovering precious seconds on the loading time of the web pages. Sincerely

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1 vote

Statistics from Mobile App

Add the Statistics from the Mobile App among the Devices, for example: UWP, Android and iOS …

Category: Metrics 5 comments
4 votes

Complianz Login

Would you consider linking the burst and complianz accounts so that the same user login can be used in both cases?

Not Applicable Category: Integration 1 comment
2 votes

1.3 Remove mu-plugins code

Having to install code into mu-plugins folder makes the use of this plugin more complicated and not it is definitely not simpler. I suggest you add all this features to main code and if you feel you need to keep the plugin simple just create an advanced tab.

Released Category: Setting 2 comments
11 votes

Export Data zu csv-files

It would be great if we could export all the data to a csv-file (or a set of csv-files) so that they can be imported to a BI-tool like Qlik or Power BI

Approved Category: Feature 3 comments
3 votes

Share statistics

Option to send email with statistics to somebody

Approved Category: Feature 1 comment
4 votes

Search Keyword

I know it’s possible in some statistic scripts to not only see from wich search engine the visitor came, but also wich keywords were used.

Approved Category: Feature 1 comment
4 votes

Stats per user

Would it be possible to drill down to see what pages a certain customer had visited before purchase? It would be nice to add it to admin order page.

Planned Category: Metrics 2 comments
3 votes

Add stats per role

We would like to see statistics per role – what pages visited the existing customers.

Approved Category: Metrics 2 comments
8 votes

1.3.0 Today statistics

I realized that I wait until midnight to see the chart for today. I am aware of the reason why you do not include today’s statistics in a chart but maybe you can consider show it as hourly stats.

Released Category: Metrics 4 comments