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4 votes

Complianz Login

Would you consider linking the burst and complianz accounts so that the same user login can be used in both cases?

Not Applicable Category: Integration 1 comment
2 votes

1.3 Remove mu-plugins code

Having to install code into mu-plugins folder makes the use of this plugin more complicated and not it is definitely not simpler. I suggest you add all this features to main code and if you feel you need to keep the plugin simple just create an advanced tab.

Released Category: Setting 2 comments
6 votes

Export Data zu csv-files

It would be great if we could export all the data to a csv-file (or a set of csv-files) so that they can be imported to a BI-tool like Qlik or Power BI

Approved Category: Feature 2 comments
3 votes

Share statistics

Option to send email with statistics to somebody

Approved Category: Feature 1 comment
4 votes

Search Keyword

I know it’s possible in some statistic scripts to not only see from wich search engine the visitor came, but also wich keywords were used.

Approved Category: Feature 1 comment
5 votes

Stats per user

Would it be possible to drill down to see what pages a certain customer had visited before purchase? It would be nice to add it to admin order page.

Under Review Category: Metrics 2 comments
5 votes

Add stats per role

We would like to see statistics per role – what pages visited the existing customers.

Approved Category: Metrics 2 comments
8 votes

1.3.0 Today statistics

I realized that I wait until midnight to see the chart for today. I am aware of the reason why you do not include today’s statistics in a chart but maybe you can consider show it as hourly stats.

Released Category: Metrics 4 comments
6 votes

Charts be first in Dashboard

I think the Statistics tab should be first to seen on the dashboard. This is the main information and we need to make one more click to see it.

Under Review Category: Feature 4 comments
2 votes

Widget most read articles

It would be nice to have a widget that shows the most read articles. For example, the last 7 days, 14 days or the last month.

Approved Category: Feature 2 comments
6 votes

1.3.0 Current Day Metrics

Hi Team, I was thinking that a current day view in burst (under the Statistics menu) would be good. At current, I can see everything that is TODAY – 1 but cannot see the metrics for the current day. Thanks, Brad

Released Category: Feature 2 comments
2 votes

Clear / Reset Statistics

Hi Team, In some cases, especially during setup, it would be good to have a way to clear (or reset) metrics. This could be: 1. Clear all metrics (with a suitable warning!) 2. Clear a specific date of metrics. As an example, I have been testing Burst and now have a bunch of metrics that […]

Planned Category: Feature 1 comment
1 vote

Short code

I run a small hosting company and would like my clients to be able to see their own metrix. With a short code I can make a simple password protected page on their on domain (like

Not Applicable Category: Feature 4 comments
2 votes

1.3.* Count Downloads please!

I run a site which offers free downloads under licence. To ensure I do not breach the terms of the licence, I would like to be able to count the number of downloads.

Planned Category: Metrics 1 comment
3 votes

API access

The ability to connect to basic statistics using API REST

Planned Category: Integration 2 comments