Whitelist Burst Statistics in Complianz

Burst Statistics is unsurprisingly fully integrated with Complianz. Depending on your configuration with the Complianz wizard Burst will be set prior to consent, or when the category “Statistics” is enabled. Burst Statistics is by default set to the most privacy-friendly settings, but some regions (e.g., United Kingdom) still require consent for any statistics configuration.

Why you might want to whitelist Burst Statistics

You can use Burst Statistics together with Google Analytics or any other analytics tool as well. For example; When using the Complianz wizard you can configure Google Analytics that needs consent in multiple regions, but you want Burst Statistics to be set without consent

How to whitelist

You can use Complianz’s script center to whitelist scripts that might otherwise be blocked. In the case of Burst Statistics, please go to Complianz -> Integrations -> Whitelist a script, iframe or plugin and enter the following scripts:
burst.js, burst.min.js