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Get started with Burst Statistics. Native to WordPress, and therefore no sharing of data, local hosted results, and full compatibility. Get the most out of your website now!

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How to add a Feature Request?

You have come to the right place! Burst Statistics is just getting started and we need your help. Please tell us what you want to see in Burst Statistics! You can choose between four categories;

  1. Integrations, for example, integrate with a Consent Management plugin like Complianz.
  2. Feature, a whole new feature. Maybe you’d like to see Burst Statistics – A/B Testing
  3. Metrics, if you want to add a new metric to our dashboard, feel free to let us know!
  4. Setting. Missing an option in the plugin? We like to keep the plugin simple and clean, but if the setting is important, we’ll make it.

Need Support? Have a look at the WordPress Forum.

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