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Bounce Parameter Options

Options to let us more specifically define what constitutes a ‘bounce’ for our site. I’m sure you’re aware of the various possibilities, so let us choose different setups based on them, and/or even create our own. I know about your mu-plugin that allows to change the time on page parameter.

It would also be nice to be able to choose whether or not any further user actions would be involved as to whether it counts as a bounce or not. With these types of options we could setup bounce parameters that might require not only a certain time on page, but a required level of interaction with the page to count it as a genuine hit. For example, the time requirement might be met, but not the minimum page interaction requirements, in which case it counts as a bounce if we set it up that way.

Type of page interactions we might wish to choose from could include scrolling depth, clicking on links that open popups which do not take the user away from the page, clicking on images to view the larger size, clicking on links to download a file. Any action that a user might take that does not take them off the page.

Also, if someone lands on a page and they have not met the time requirement or other on-page engagement requirements, we might wish to not count it as a bounce if they click to another page on our site (maybe this is already the case with Burst?).

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