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Show weekends in Burst statistics graphs

In the Statistics tab of the Burst Statistics plugin, the Insights plot shows unique visitors, page views, etc. with days along the horizontal axis. It would be helpful if weekends were more obvious, since traffic is often quite different on weekdays versus weekends. Seeing a dip on a weekend, for example, might be typical, but […]

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1 vote

Better mouse interaction with charts

Hi there ???? Great plugin! When hovering over the charts, you have to place your mouse pointer exactly on the points to see the tooltip with numbers. I know that many chart libraries allow the mouse to be anywhere on the x-axis to show the y-axis values for easy comparison across the axis. Would this […]

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8 votes

Memorize the daterange or set a default

When you go back to the statistics tab, you always get the statistics of the week. Default setting. Couldn’t we memorize our choice if we prefer to see the statistics of the day, the month or the year or others without having each time to go to make the choice in the drop-down list? props: […]

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2 votes

UTM parameters

I wanted to see if there's a way to track UTMs on a campaign and if not, if it can be built into the software! This would be next level!

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8 votes

Filter out vistors from specific countries

The challenge with the current dashboard is that it shows for example 100 page views to page1.php. However in my case my website is national, if traffic is coming from Russia or China it is probably bots or redundant traffic not valuable to me. Somehow it would be nice to see from where the traffic […]

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4 votes

Stats per user

Would it be possible to drill down to see what pages a certain customer had visited before purchase? It would be nice to add it to admin order page.

Planned Category: Metrics 2 comments
8 votes

Charts be first in Dashboard

I think the Statistics tab should be first to seen on the dashboard. This is the main information and we need to make one more click to see it.

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2 votes

Clear / Reset Statistics

Hi Team, In some cases, especially during setup, it would be good to have a way to clear (or reset) metrics. This could be: 1. Clear all metrics (with a suitable warning!) 2. Clear a specific date of metrics. As an example, I have been testing Burst and now have a bunch of metrics that […]

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11 votes

Filter Page Views / Visitors by Country

It would be nice to be able to filter the page views and visitors for each article by the country they came from. This is something important for German speaking regions because Austria, Germany and Switzerland have different words for the same thing and if an URL contains expressions that are relevant for two countries […]

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Send scheduled report (weekly, monthly, …). Best if mail-address can set free without limitation to registered users. On-Top: Report as DIN A4-PDF as additional option. But as HTML-Mail first, for faster readability.

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