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Graphic in dashboard

Suggestion: I like the graphical representation of the results. A few suggestions: Can it be presented in dashboard when opened? Can the vertical axis have a smaller distribution instead of the current 20 – 40 – 60 …

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4 votes

Complianz Login

Would you consider linking the burst and complianz accounts so that the same user login can be used in both cases?

Not Applicable Category: Integration 1 comment
3 votes

API access

The ability to connect to basic statistics using API REST

Category: Integration 2 comments
1 vote

What will be the difference between the free and the paid version?

Now the plugin version is free, there is no paid version available yet. Undoubtedly, a paid version will be released in the future. Therefore, I have a feature request for your website and not for the plugin. Can you already indicate (even in broad terms) what the difference will be between the free and paid […]

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Having a short code to display stats in WP

Being able to use a short code in a page, a button, an article… in WP to display statistics.   Original post  Title: Avoir un code court paur afficher les stats dans WP Content: Pouvoir utiliser un code court dans une page, un bouton un article … de WP afin d’afficher les statistiques.

Not Applicable Category: Integration 1 comment
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Compatibility with qTranslate-XT

HI, I open this request to ask for compatibility/integration with the qTranslate-XT multilingual plugin ( ). For the following reasons: – Currently there is a BUG that obscures the dashboard as the Burst REST APIs do not work with multilingual (eg /en/wp-json/burst/v1/fields/ ) presenting the following errors: – Failed to load resource: the server […]

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